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Your life and the journey(9)

Maragogi brazil

At the end of our lives, we look back above all on our most beautiful moments. To special moments with family and friends, to challenges mastered, but also to the experiences we had while traveling.

„Can you still remember that vacation in Porto or Paris?“ you might hear yourself saying then. Who were you with there and what all did you experience?

It is difficult to imagine that one day you will be very old and then reminisce. Some people are even afraid of this idea. It would be better to think of life as blossoming and withering. That way you don’t have to be afraid of old age and can experience life in the moment.

I would now like to invite you to a little thought experiment:

I figuratively imagine myself sitting on a park bench on the last days of my life. We are in the bloom of autumn. The red and yellow leaves appear especially beautiful when the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds again.

Thoughtfully I observe nature. The leaves of the trees as they fidget back and forth due to a light breeze. The last swallows gliding overhead.

I close my eyes as I enjoy the pleasant rays of the sun.

Everything is dark except for a slight flicker on the horizon. As I try to peer into this distant light, outlines of something large catch my eye. The light flickers brighter. I am surrounded by black and white.

In front of me is a staircase with marble steps. Partly I see a black railing and partly I see that railings are missing.

I take courage and climb the first step. A good feeling floods me and I feel a deep joy.

What is it that makes me so happy?

The handrail to your past journeys

Imagine building strong reminders of your travels and archiving them so that you can easily find them again at any time.

In the following text, I would like to encourage you to write about your travels and suggest a concrete way to do so.

Why can’t I just leave it at pictures?

You save for months for your vacation. Anticipation is a nice companion until then. After your vacation, you are hopefully recharged with fresh energy. But there is also a little melancholy in your mind. I would like to show you how you can attract the joy of the afterglow into your life. The more vivid you keep your memories, the more intense they become.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But let’s be honest. How likely do you think you are to keep track of the usual flood of pictures? Nowadays, you can take a very good quality picture at any time with a single press of your thumb. The low effort inevitably tempts you to put less effort into capturing individual special moments.

When you add text to your images, you increase your connection to the images. You build additional thought supports, which in turn awaken other memories. Think of your images as bridges without railings. Your personal texts form the railing here, so that you can safely reach your memories later.

bridge Dom Luís Porto
The Dom Luís I Bridge is located in the heart of Porto and spans the Douro river

A suggestion for the concrete procedure

  1. Start writing as soon as you arrive and keep the date. Write something on each day of your vacation. If you’re tired, just do it bullet point style. You can fill in the gaps later.
  2. Add pictures, videos or voice memos to your writing.
  3. try to describe your experience as authentically as possible by not censoring yourself. Manifest your feelings and your thoughts. Write down what seems important to you. Don’t worry about what others would think of what you write.
  4. At the end of your trip, write a short summary, thinking about highlights and low points. What sights would you like to see the next time you are in that place?
  5. Archive and save your trip report. At some point, you may want to print it out and file it in a folder.

Complementary ideas

At the beginning you should not burden yourself too much. That’s why I deliberately introduced a slim model. Here are a few more ideas on how you can expand your concept.

  1. Travel with friends: Persuade your friends to join you. Here you can share the effort by each writing a post on a different day. Then, when you get home, you can merge everything together.
  2. Before your vacation, write down what your expectations are. What do you want to see? How do you envision the region? What hopes or concerns do you have? After your vacation, you may be surprised.
  3. Vacationing in your dream country can inspire you tremendously. Use it to think deeply about your life. Maybe you have an idea for a song or poem? An idea for a business model or book. Write down all inner images. Don’t pay attention to your external circumstances and focus only on yourself.
  4. Create a travel blog. This way other people can benefit from your travel recommendations. However, only post things that you can and want to display publicly.

Travel alone, with friends or with groups?

Traveling with groups (6 to 20 people):

This is especially suitable for clubs, companies or similar. If you carry out the project well structured and according to the interests, it strengthens the cohesion of the whole group.


  • Group discounts
  • High probability of having an entertainer present


  • It’s harder to stay together. Groups often split up in the evening.
Traveling with friends (2 to 5 people):
This is ideal for maintaining your friendships, leaving the stress of everyday life behind. This way you can travel the world safely and cheaply.


  • The costs for an apartment or cab are spread over several shoulders.
  • The organizational effort can be shared.


  • Discussions can occur if there are different interests.
Traveling alone:
Ideal to get to know yourself better and also to meet new people.


  • You can plan and carry out the trip according to your wishes.
  • You take responsibility and become more independent.


  • You may feel alone at times.
Traveling with your significant other:
Traveling together is very rewarding if you have a happy relationship. If your relationship has become rather stagnant or routine, travel can be a chance to really rekindle your love. Adventures together will revive your hearts.


  • No reasons for jealousy.
  • You won’t miss your partner when you’re on vacation.
  • You can tell your children and children’s children about your travels together.
  • Your relationship strengthens with anchor points: Remember back in …?


  • You have to have a partner first to travel together.


Basically, you ask yourself whether the effort is worth it in the end. If it affects your vacation in quality and recreation strongly, certainly not. In addition, there is the question of whether you take the time to look at it before the creeping end. Devastating if you would go blind. Whether you get pleasure from it, is probably with everyone individually.

Creating something beautiful with your own mind takes willpower until Muse drives your flow. Especially in this day and age, comfort is considered satisfying. However, if you’ve done some creative work before, you’ll feel that there are even deeper and more sustainable ways to boost your contentment.

Find the places that make you happy. Maybe they are then worth doing something more.

Maragogi brazil
Maragogi Caribbean of Brazil

Now you are asked

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Which city surprised you? Which place has a special memory in your heart? Where would you like to travel to?

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  1. Life is about creating memories, so keeping a journal or blog or photo images is a good way. A colleague I used to work with created scrap books and added receipts, menus bus and travel tickets as well as written notes and photographs.

    1. That is good way to save your best moments 🙂
      I also like to see the trips of other people.
      Visiting new place’s online while the pandemie :/

    1. Thank you 100 Country Trek 🙂

      I wish you great experience in travelling.
      I guess you will reach your goal of 100 different countries soon 🙂
      Your travel reports are very nice.

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