10 Ways to Read -Varied Reading (16)

varied reading

1 Variations in body posture

Trying out different postures is the easiest way for varied reading.

Your intervertebral discs live on movement. That’s why you’re doing yourself a favor if you change your posture every 30 minutes while reading.

Read standing up

Try reading while standing up. It is not difficult at all. You can also read in different ways while standing:

Holding the book in your hands. Look down.

The book with the hands stretched forward.

The book on the table and leaning forward.

The book on a standing desk.

Read lying down

On the back

In this position there is the least weight on the intervertebral disc. Again, different variations can be tried with the angle of the arms. If you have a white ceiling, you can also project your e-book onto the ceiling with a beamer.

On the belly

If you prefer to lie on your stomach, you can lean the book against a wall and then read. And while you’re lying down so nicely, you can do some push-ups or make the blank.

You can also order a sun lounger with a hole at the head. Then you can sunbathe and read comfortably in the meantime.

For smart ladies there are special sunbeds, which offer more space in the chest area.

Protect your head from dehydration with a hat and protect your skin from sunburn with sunscreen and shade breaks.

Reading sitting on exercise ball

Besides, train coordination and keep the body in motion with small impulses. But be careful not to fall off the ball. Every now and then, you can do yourself some good by putting the book away and carefully rolling backwards.or carefully rolling backwards.

2 Read before sleeping

When you think about it, it’s a great evening ritual. The problem is usually that the temptation of the cell phone, TV, computer, etc. is not so easy to avoid. Or you have so much to do during the day that you simply forget about it in the evening.

Those who accomplish a lot during the day should at least take time for themselves in the evening. So what’s to stop you from scheduling your evening ritual? You can also set an alarm clock on your cell phone so that you don’t forget your needs at the end of the day.

If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, I would encourage you to try it for 30 days. Try it without forming an opinion about it in advance.

Don’t spend a lot of money unnecessarily on blue light filter glasses, and don’t imagine that having a blue light filter on your smartphone will put your mind at rest. You can’t avoid putting your smartphone away a few hours before sleeping.

Read after getting up

What is good before sleep is also good after sleep. Everyone knows it: The day is over when the morning begins with a lot of stress. Sometimes we manage to put a bad start behind us and end the rest of the day on a positive note. However, we all know very well that we have made big mistakes especially when we started the day badly.

If you start your morning routine an hour earlier, your inner clock will wake you up much earlier than if you are very tight with your time in the morning. It is best for your internal clock if you get up at the same time every day. Of course, this is not always possible. Try to get up at the same time for 60 days in a row. If you can do it, you will feel much fitter. When you improve your basic needs, you improve your life and well-being with a lever. Getting up an hour earlier to read can help you become an early riser.

varied reading
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3 Read circuit

In sports, circuit training enjoys popularity because it trains speed, agility, strength, endurance and coordination. It is particularly effective because it trains many muscles at the same time.

Alternating between different exercises at intervals is the basic concept here. However, this basic concept can be applied to other areas as well.

As with reading:

Try to read a technical book and a novel alternately in 10min intervals.

Try the following circle with reference books:

10min reading

10min summarize what you have read in a few sentences

10min to write down your own thoughts/ ideas/ associations or create a small drawing etc. about it.

And again from the beginning.

Try different time intervals.

Make up your own circle. Combine the circle with household tasks, coordination exercises (for example juggling) or stretching exercises.

varied reading
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4 Read for a walk

If you have a job where you are mostly indoors, then you should try to be outside more in your free time. You can combine walking or hiking with reading. Most hiking routes have benches where you can stop for a moment to read. For vitamin D production, it is enough to sit in the shade or go outside on a cloudy day. You don’t have to expose yourself naked to the sun when it is at its strongest.

Go out even in winter. Here it is especially important that our bodies can produce enough vitamin D. Vitamin D through sunlight is always better than taking it in pill form. In northern countries like Sweden, people hardly get any sunlight in winter. Here some people get winter depression. Light therapy is used here to try to compensate for the lack of light. As long as we go outside enough when the sun is shining, we do not need to participate in any artificial light therapy. We don’t have to do anything but go outside.

If you prefer to read in a park under a tree, every now and then other guests may be a little noisier. Normal earplugs muffle the ambient noise somewhat. A slightly more expensive option is the personalized earmuffs, which can be made at any hearing aid store.

There is also the option of wearing noise-canceling headphones.

5 Reading to your partner or children

It’s not just movies that can be enjoyed together. Why not experience a book together? Novels are much better suited for this than non-fiction books.

6 Short reading breaks-reading in the waiting room

Short reading sessions make sense, especially with rich nonfiction books. If you’re reading about a topic where you don’t have as many threads of knowledge yet, you need more time to fit the new information into your knowledge web. You need more time to reflect. Don’t get angry about waiting times, use them.

varied reading
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7 Sport reading

If you want to combine your circuit training with reading, it is important that the reading session is not too long. If your body rests too long, your muscles will cool down. Consequently, you may not perform at your full capacity, otherwise you increase the risk of injury. So do a reading session that lasts no longer than three minutes.

Reading before exercise is another option. This way you can reflect on what you have read during the sport.

8 Read in the water

In summer, a swimming pool or lake is a good place to cool off. There is always room for a book in your backpack. Maybe you can rent a boat on the lake. With a small lake you can read your book without worrying, because there are no big ships that could ram you.

Bild von Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

In the winter, you can cozy up to reading in a hot tub. For the cold showerers, a cold bath (for the crazy ones, an ice bath) would be an alternative. Incidentally, it promotes regeneration after a hard workout. Cristiano Rolando swears by the positive effect after a workout. For him it is a refreshing habit. In professional soccer, players sometimes have to take an ice bath. For us ordinary citizens, it remains a voluntary dare.

9 Reading with an audiobook

Passively consuming an audiobook is an alternative to the active reading process. However, it can also be combined. You will get tired less quickly if the book is read to you while you are reading. There is now a large selection of books available at audible. Make sure that the audiobook and the book have the same edition.

I use it especially when I read books in English.

varied reading
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10 Reading ritual on vacation-short vacation, find a special place.

Does reading have a special place in your life?

If so, it’s also the hobby that grounds you and gives you renewed strength. There are months that are more stressful than others. At some point you need a vacation. Pack your things and discover the world. Don’t forget to take your hobby with you.

Your life and traveling (one click and you will find out how I create my travelogues)

Write a travelogue for every trip in your life.

Reading your past experiences is another way of reading.

Your reports are the windows to your past happiness.

Retreat to read

Hast du einen Rückzugsort, bei dem du dich sofort wohlfühlst? Finde einen Rückzugsort zum Lesen. Es können auch mehrere Orte sein. Vielleicht auch ein Ort, den du bei deinem letzten Urlaub entdeckt hast. Eine abgelegene Stelle die zu einem Wasserfall führt oder eine Lichtung im Wald. Es liegt ganz bei dir.


There are many ways to pursue a hobby. Try new things and combine your hobbies if possible.

Now you are asked

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section

What is your opinion?

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Thanks a lot

What are your routines for varied reading?

Would you dare to take an ice bath?

Feel free to write it in the comments

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