Your advantages in knowing nothing (11)

He who knows that he knows nothing knows more who does not know that he knows nothing. What should one do with such a statement? The Dunning Kruger effect is similarly well known: Lay people cannot estimate how much they know about something. They tend to overestimate their knowledge. Experts tend to estimate their knowledge„Your advantages in knowing nothing (11)“ weiterlesen

Understanding melancholy(10)

I would like to present my personal view and own experiences with melancholy here. Melancholy is often frowned upon as a negative emotional state. I find this view very superficial and one-sided. Just as you seek the cool shade under a tree on hot days, it is also permissible to place your heated feelings under„Understanding melancholy(10)“ weiterlesen

You are successful with gratitude(07)

Become successful with gratitude
Break out of this 4 negative associations with gratitude.
Replace it with 4 positive associations with gratitude and benefit of the positive chain reactions.

Understanding basic needs(06)

I remember you on this 6 basic needs.
Our fast time let us often forget about this important needs.
I tell you the reason why we sometimes forget our basic needs.

Refreshing habits(05)

Try out my 4 refreshing habits if you want more variety in your life.
Also many other suggestions, if you like to challenge yourself.

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