Can reading be used to promote personal development? (19)

Can you improve your personal developement through reading?
A brief explanation of what the trend of personal development is all about.
5 basic topics on personality development. For each topic there are matching book tips.

Elon Musk read-Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Read A Lot (18)

Elon Musk
A brief glimpse into the life of an innovative entrepreneur.
Learn how books have enriched Elon’s life.

Your advantages in knowing nothing (11)

He who knows that he knows nothing knows more who does not know that he knows nothing. What should one do with such a statement? The Dunning Kruger effect is similarly well known: Lay people cannot estimate how much they know about something. They tend to overestimate their knowledge. Experts tend to estimate their knowledge„Your advantages in knowing nothing (11)“ weiterlesen

Understanding melancholy(10)

I would like to present my personal view and own experiences with melancholy here. Melancholy is often frowned upon as a negative emotional state. I find this view very superficial and one-sided. Just as you seek the cool shade under a tree on hot days, it is also permissible to place your heated feelings under„Understanding melancholy(10)“ weiterlesen

The builder satisfaction(08)

Benefit from the master builder satisfaction.
Use your creative nature to let more joy into your life.
5 steps for your projects.

You are successful with gratitude(07)

Become successful with gratitude
Break out of this 4 negative associations with gratitude.
Replace it with 4 positive associations with gratitude and benefit of the positive chain reactions.

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